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International Rx Kit

International Rx Kit

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International Rx Kit designed for travelers going to exotic, remote locations. Includes advanced antibiotics, nausea/vomiting meds, and antimalarial meds. Plus your own US ER physician for telesupport during your remote travels for 1 year (option to auto-renew annually for a discount). 


What's next?

1. Purchase your Rx Kit > we'll mail off your Rx Kit organizer bags 

2. We'll email you a link to schedule your quick televisit. 

3. Get your Rx meds mailed or local pharmacy pick up (you may have a $50-$100 co-pay depending on your health insurance. 


Travel with peace of mind:

> Power to help treat minor illness with your own Rx Kit of meds 

> Connect with a US ER physician for medical questions 


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